What is spiritual direction? +

Spiritual direction is a ministry to help others discern and respond to the work of Christ in their lives. In spiritual direction, our conversation will focus on how the truth of scripture can be seen in everyday life, and we can deliberately pay attention to God’s work, His presence and His love. The spiritual direction experience is grounded in the art of listening; the spiritual director serves as a careful and supportive listener to what is shared, asking open-ended questions to honor God’s work in the ordinary and extraordinary events of our lives.


Many people do not have a safe place/person with whom they can share their experiences and questions. What is God doing? Does he care about the storms I am experiencing? How am I to view Him, in light of all that is happening? How does He view me?


Spiritual directors are theologically and biblically trained to open conversations about God and His presence in everyday life – without judgment. Honesty is paramount, as is confidentiality.  Spiritual directors allow for God’s perfect love to be the frame that holds us as we unravel, wonder, transition, rejoice, and learn to be loved.


As we intentionally set aside time to pay attention to what God is doing to transform us and be with us, spiritual direction is one of many ways we can care for our souls.

What is the difference between spiritual direction and counseling? +

Spiritual direction is distinct from other helping professions, such as psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, or analysis. A counselor is licensed to diagnose and implement a specific treatment plan; in contrast, a spiritual director is not licensed, and works with the content that the client offers at each session for prayer and discussion. Every spiritual director in the South Bay Soul Care collective adheres to the code of ethics of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association and has been trained extensively through the Institute of Spiritual Formation at Talbot Theological Seminary.

There is typically more silence in spiritual direction, to honor the most grievous and burdensome emotions, as well as to honor the powerful yet ineffable movement of God in our lives.  


Spiritual direction meetings are planned monthly or bi-monthly, rather than more frequently, as in counseling. Sessions typically run 45-60 minutes.  This allows the client to increasingly attach to God rather than to the spiritual director.

Where does spiritual direction take place? +

The collective team of trained spiritual directors of South Bay Soul Care work both via zoom calls and in person.  Offices for in-person sessions are located in Torrance, San Pedro, and El Segundo.  Meetings typically run 45-60 minutes, offered every 3-4 weeks.  Each spiritual director offers their ministry differently, so check with your preferred spiritual director regarding location. 

How much does spiritual direction cost? +

Prices range from $50 to $100 per session.  Each spiritual director sets his/her own rate scale, and most offer sliding scales. Some offer packages that reduce the per-session rate if more sessions are purchased in advance. 

Who is a good candidate for spiritual direction? +


Any adult who is longing for something more for their Christian walk is a good candidate for spiritual direction. Are you:

  • Searching for a safe and confidential place to ask questions and/or ponder God’s presence or absence in your life 
  • Feeling bored as a Christian and wonder about the “abundant life” Jesus promised
  • Trying to make sense of a life transition or loss
  • Sorting through a disappointing church experience
  • Desiring to go deeper with God but unsure how to do so

If any of these sound like you we would love the privilege of getting to know you, hear you, and be with you.  Please contact us! 

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