individual sesssion

Individual Sessions

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been walking with Jesus for five months or fifty years, if you are a pastor/leader or a congregant, or if you have drifted away from the church. We are here for you.

Individual sessions are offered in a private, confidential environment with one of the trained spiritual directors on our team. Grounded in the art of listening, we use open ended questions to help you discover where God has been evident in your life. The spiritual director is not diagnosing any illness nor creating a “treatment plan,” with the exception of offering spiritual practices. Sessions last 45-60 minutes. Fees vary by director, and typically are rendered at the end of each session. Ultimately, God’s Spirit is the true spiritual director, as He reveals truth and provides light in areas that seem dark, cloudy or confusing. 

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He Said

Spiritual direction has helped to identify fears and replace them with hope. It also has prompted me to slow down and appreciate God’s voice during the storm and complex life transitions.

Israel, Ministry Leader


Taking time to get physically away from the South Bay and into a new environment can help us to deliberately focus on God and our need for Him.

Getting away from schedules, demands and pressures can help you to uncoil and reorient your life towards God. Silence and solitude have been practiced by Christians for centuries. 

South Bay Soul Care will create a retreat experience uniquely designed to help you engage with God over issues that matter to you or your group. We will prepare exercises, readings, prayer prompts, and provide all the supplies needed. We will also help identify an appropriate retreat center.

Soul Care Days

Susan Johnson offers “Soul Care Days” for women at her home in Redondo Beach, located two short blocks from the beach. These days are dedicated times for people to set aside their responsibilities and be present to the Lord, and are helpful for individuals who may not be able to go away for longer periods of time.

Soul Care Days begin at 9:30 a.m. and conclude at 3:00 p.m. The cost for the day, including materials and lunch (gluten free), is $50 per person.

Contact Susan Johnson (Include “soul care day info” in subject line) for more information.

Group Sessions

There is something significant that occurs when a group of people choose to come together to be still before God and acknowledge Him. (Psalm 46:10)


Group Spiritual Direction is offered in two-hour sessions, and typically meet once a month on an on-going basis. The flow of each session is predetermined and facilitated by the spiritual director, which creates a consistent process and rhythm each time the group meets. Group spiritual direction includes periods of silence and prayer, where all members of the group give their attention to one member of the group at a time, to lift a particular concern to our Heavenly Father in prayer. 

Specific caution is given to refrain from “fixing” but rather to honor the pain, joy or confusion of others’ situations.


She Said

Being part of a spiritual direction group has been life changing for me. I have enjoyed the process because we seek God together in prayer within a safe community where we trust and love each other.

Christ-follower for over 50 years